Gray Mountain Bible Church

Gray Mountain Bible Church is located along Highway 89 about 45 miles out of Flagstaff. Area attractions include the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, Route 66, Watpaki National Monument, and Lake Powell.


Gray Mountain Bible Church (GMBC) was started in 1960 by workers under Flagstaff Mission to the Navajos (FMN). Many outstanding men have pastored this church: Lawrence Gordy (deceased), Leslie Cody (deceased), Arnold Begay (deceased), and Alvin Gon. Reverend Robert Dayzie currently pastors GMBC church and has since 2002. His wife Jeanette teaches the teens and coordinates ministry opportunities for the teens and youth, such as helping with FMN's Christmas Outreach. Jeanette Dayzie also plays the piano for congregational worship. Robert and Jeanette Dayzie have four children Donna, Cenovia, Rebuen and Johannes.